Not Copyright Or Rules Being Relaxed?

Is Samsung relaxing the rules around copyright now? This dev has a lot of themes (not just the ones below) that I would think were copyright, but maybe not?

The Beatles, Pink Floyd… band names, song titles, song lyrics, album images…

If not, have a lot of theme ideas around bands and albums I would love to create. What do you think?

I’ll report them to The report button is not for copyright infringement. The Wall and Dark Side are album covers. Probably the reviewers are not old enough to know about them :slight_smile: They could be licensed the review team will check.

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OK Ron thanks.

I thought we could not even use terms such as “Pink Floyd” or “The Beatles” like this dev did in descriptions and tags? I had a red, white and blue watch rejected because the title was “American Patriots” - they said it was copyright of the Patriots football team even thoug it wasn’t football related!! I had to change it to Patriot to get it approved.

It depends on how you use the words. A title Pink Floyd’s The Wall would be a violation sine it implies an association with Pink Floyd. A Description saying an homage to Pink Floyd would not.

A title of The Wall would have been OK as there are many walls from the one in Germany to the one humpty sat on, but copying an album cover is infringement.

I would have protested American Patriots for a title. They are over zealous on Sports teams for obvious reasons.

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