Copyright violation claim

I am writing this message to you to draw your and Samsung company’s attention towards copyright infringement of my intellectual property which has been done from your one of the platform. I come across a Samsung theme where one of the user has been selling a painting of mine and as well as of other artists for free as well as paid without my permission which has been purchased by lakhs of people. This has cause me huge loss which amounts in lakhs and above.

My name is Omkar khochare. I am an artist I do paintings and publish on various platforms. I made this artwork in 2017. and I Posted on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I have all proof.

you also check my Instagram account and Pinterest Account.
Instagram: art_by_omkar
Pinterest : omkar khochare
My artwork URL Address

my artwork on galaxy themes

and I already mail to and submit a report on this site three times

but they suspended my report. why you suspended my report? please give me a reason. I have all proof.

We checked and they suspended the wallpaper that contained your artwork. They will investigate the seller for any additional plagiarism as well.

Samsung Developer Program Team