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My samsung Watch 4 Classic

Window 11, Watch Face Studio version 1.5.7 (download ready) Now see below show u.
Command Prompt > then > I type adb connect
See > cannot connect to but Not Work ???

Watch Face Studio > Run on Device but also Not Work

Help me. How to Do ???
send me address:

Sorry 4got to type

Wireless on ready

@chua8888sg U doing it wrong…

Adb pair first

Then connect

U need to press the circled, then there u get

paring ip and port.

For run on device it should work just that u input wrongly like u input wrongly in command promt.

U need all these
Ip, port, paring code, paring ip and port.

Please read the guide.

I put ready number code but not work
see 2 arrows ???

I don’t understand
where IP port ??
also where Pairing Port ???
cannot find

Problem I cannot do

See this


l 稍后我用中文来演示如何做。


Hopes this helps

U need to redo to get new ip and ports and try again

You will get the target machine refused error when…
The first time you try to run on device your watch will ask if you want to allow debugging. click yes If you don’t OK that in a 15 or so seconds it goes away and then doesn’t ask again unless you close and restart debugging.

In your developer options there is a setting Vibrate on Connectivity Change select that because there is often 10 or more seconds from when you try to run on device and it connects the first time. That vibration will remind you to OK the connection.

I see @Knightwing has shown you the instructions but here are written instructions if you need to translate them

On Watch click on settings then developer option
Turn on ADB debugging and ok that
scroll down to where it says WirelessDebugging tap on it
wait few minutes and
write down the IP address followed by :xxxxx the port number

Then click on Pair with new Device (apparently you have to do this ever day )
it will have a pairing code
followed by the IP port and a different port number

Run on Device
fill in the IP address in the top
Fill in the first port number when you first turned on ADB Wireless debugging
Fill in the Pairing code
Fill in the last port number when you paired the device

it also asks if you wish to add this device the first time and you have to OK it.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Yes, Successfully.

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