Problem while connecting my watch to the Watch studio app

I am using a Galaxy Watch 4 and I don’t know how to connect my watch to this application
When I click on RUN ON WATCH then it asks for IP adress. Where can I find the IP of my watch? How can I connect my watch to the app… Please let me know how

On your watch open settings
scroll down to about watch
scroll down to software version
tap on it 5 times and it should allow developer options

Go back settings and scroll down to Developer Options
enable ADB debugging
enable debug over WiFi
it will ask if you want to select the check mark
it will first say not available but wait a minute and it should say connected and have a bunch of numbers one of them that has :5555 at the end is your IP address minus the :5555 (that is the port )
I think it is the second line it is something like your ip address is write it down

First time you try to run on device it will say nothing found enter the IP address with the + icon
look at your watch you have to agree again select don’t ask again from this computer
It may take a second or you may have to select it again but the Galaxy watch should appear and you can run on device.

Samsung Developer Relations

I’ve tried doing the same thing brother. But my laptop searches for 2-4 seconds and then it comes back
I tried searching again but it doesn’t work
Please can I get a solution for this? Plzzzzz…


I’m so sorry that is my bad I completely missed the forum you posted in. You apparently are using Galaxy Watch Studio for Tizen based watches Galaxy Watch3 and older.

For Galaxy Watch4 and newer you need Watch Face Studio. for the Wear OS based watches. You can download it from here.

If the watch face you designed in Galaxy Watch Studio isn’t too complicated you can download a converter from here. However it is generally just easier to create a new project and add the resources to that project.

Ron Liechty
Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you for the app sir. It’s working fine
But I need a small help, Actually I have some GWD files of some animated watchfaces… So how can I add these watchfaces to the app and then add it to my galaxy watch 4?


If you can’t convert them with the TPK converter then you will need to use Watch Face Studio and start from scratch. It is a lot like GWS but a lot different too. The biggest difference is no health and no weather functions. The second biggest is it used prewritten Wear OS Complications that you set with complications.