Notice of new version 1.4.19 (June 8th, 2023)


1.4.20 can be finally used to publish watch faces.


@amoledwatchfaces . Where can we see 1.4.20 ? :trophy:


What will happen to the watch faces that already have the HR measurement feature implemented, along with a shortcut for manual measurements, when we update them with the newest version of watch face studio?

The majority of watch faces have these settings. Will we need to remove them when updating to a new version?

  • A significant portion of negative reviews are due to HR issues. If we remove HR from all the watch faces that have already been purchased in the past months, we would undermine ourselves and our efforts.
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Hi, I’m not sure exactly what you mean but download links for WFS 1.4.20 are here
Watch Face Studio downloads | Samsung Developers

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I believe the Wear 3 API 30 versions will work in Wear 4 but without the Wear 4 features that may upset some buyers. I believe that Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch5 will be updated to Wear 4 in a One UI 5 update.

For Tizen you in the Store you would have two binaries and set one for Tizen3 and one for Tizen4. I imagine Play Store is the same since it is quite normal for Games to have multiple binaries.

Maybe one of the old sellers can chip in on that.

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Hi everyone. I noticed that there are two edit actions (probably added with WFS 1.4.19) →
Style Copy (Ctrl + Shift + C) and Style Past (Ctrl + Shift + V)

Are these working for your guys?


Yes, it works as before. It was also there in the older version of WFS.

Note: it does not work inside the complications slot.


Can confirm, just tested with Play Store version 36.2.11-26 [5] [PR] 539142984. Could download my face watch without that permission issue. Great!

This also happens with watch battery complication and also other complications.

I’m not sure what can be causing it. Will try reading dumpstate logs.

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I had similiar complication issues on my Wear OS 3 watch (posted here Tip on new Watch Face Format from WearOS 4 and WFS v1.4.13! - #13 by davidsung).

Sometimes the complication icons go missing and the text is replaced with __placeholder. @r.liechty_SDR reported this but the WFS team couldn’t reproduce it.

I couldn’t reproduce these issues on a Wear OS 4 emulator myself. Probably something broken in those Wear OS 3 Watch Face Format compatibility binaries.

Please let us know if you have any update, this bug is starting to get annoying…


I can also confirm the issue. It took me around 2 hours for the Next Event complication to disappear.

This only seems to happen when the complications are idle long enough, as it doesn’t happen with any of my other complications like the weather, and notifications.

I hope this get fixed, because while it could work for WearOS 4, this could be problematic for those that will stay on WearOS 3 longer.

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Hi. Just out of curiosity, is this with WFS 1.4.20 or 1.4.19 made watch face?

The most recent one: 1.4.20.
This is an issue that happens in both versions, however, as Matteo Dini pointed out.

Good afternoon. There is a small issue with version numbers. Which exceeds the maximum and causes all applications to be rejected.

The new version 1.4.20 shows version 1 but actually generates version 10000001. Which by 1 already exceeds the permissible amount.

I think it’s a mistake that needs to be fixed.

I noticed this too, but I thought it was normal …

The greatest value Google Play allows for versionCode is 2100000000.

Version your app | Android Studio | Android Developers

SPLIT_BUNDLE = your aab file ( Android App Bundle)

SPLIT = Target device will download only necessary parts (for example, you have app with multiple languages, target device will only download these that are used on the device, not all)

So, there is no issue with WFS and versioning.


That is the split bundle error code
not the apps version code.
If your .aab file is much over 4.5MB it will be rejected because the essential memory is over the 10 MB limit.

We don’t think this is correct and the Watch Face Studio team is looking into it.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Good afternoon. The maximum file size is still 10MB. Wear OS app quality  |  App quality  |  Android Developers

Testers just don’t seem to like something they don’t understand themselves.
And big version numbers don’t seem normal to me.

It could be that the testers think the same.

A simple test. Put together one program with different names and see how it passes the test. It all depends on the testers.

@amoledwatchfaces . Thank you so very much . Sorry I have not been here for a while . We have had visitors. I see this one is better than the previous 19 . Please forgive me for not getting back before. I did not think to look on the developer page . Got it now . :slightly_smiling_face: :trophy: