GWS will not run watch face on watch

I have built a few watch faces for myself and have used GWS to install them directly on my Gear S3 Frontier but now I can’t seem to run them on my watch. I keep getting the following type of error message, even with designs that I have run on my watch previously.

Not sure what to do at this point and any help would be great.

Yes you’ll neet to register first then while building it, it’ll ask you for password everytime.

Hi dumminfool,

you need to request new Distribute Certificate I think. It should work after that.

Hi @drumminfool ,

First, please check the Tizen version of your Gear S3. If you use GWS v 1.7.x - 2.0.0, your watch should have upgraded to Tizen 3.0 or higher. Otherwise you have to use lower version of GWS. See Supported Tizen OS and Watches.

Follow the steps below to resolve the issue,

  1. If the older version of this watch face is already installed on your watch then uninstall it. Try to push a fresh project having one or two basic components and check whether this issue remains.
  2. Delete the distributor certificate and create a new one; see how to generate a distributor certificate. The restart your computer to clear the cache because sometimes the old certificate stays cached.
  3. Now, try to install your watch face using “Run On Device”.

If the installation is not successful,

  1. Reboot your watch by holding the home key button pressed for about 15 seconds or until it says rebooting. It will force your watch to show an RSA Encryption Key Acknowledgement when you first try to run on device. [Note: Gear S3 may not show the RSA Encryption Key but something else like Allow Data transfer if it isn’t updated to Tizen Also be sure that the WiFi is always on and Bluetooth is off.]
  2. Please wait one full minute after rebooting the watch to reconnect with GWS.
  3. Try connecting your watch with GWS and Keep a close look on your watch, a pop up will be shown to accept the RSA key and you have to accept it very quickly as it will stay for a few seconds. If you miss, it will never come back and you have to reboot your watch again.
  4. Now, try to install your watch face using “Run On Device”.

Hope this will help.