Zero sleep and background disable features issue

Hi Samsung developers team,

I would like to ask if Samsung fixed this issue or there’s a solution for thiat

As same issue I am facing when use app depends on beacon BLE which requires to allow the app works in background .
Please check my testing steps I did as follows:
1- Allow the app to work in background.
2- When try to add the app at no sleep app feature, can’t find the app.
4- Then I disabled app to work on the background.
5- then the app will be displayed and can add at no sleep feature.

My finding that something like Samsung phone got a bug .

So I assume Samsung should allow to display all the apps at allow app to work in background and disable app from sleep features at the same time. Then user can select , not when enable one disappear from other.

Please help to chk and update.



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Is this submitted as a Developer or as an end user. I have two different responses of where to submit it depending on your answer.

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Hi Ron,
Good day! And thanks for updating.
Actually I issue this problem based on developer user, issue that we have 3apps depends on beacon BLE function and require the app works in background. What we noted and reported to us that our app not working and when we investigate found already allowed the app works in background ( disable battery optimization) but app still not working properly then we suspect the issue with the new setting applied by Samsung which mainly the new zero sleep feature and we can’t find our app there to allow ( which honestly I don’t know what’s the difference between this feature and allow app to work in background).

I am looking forward for your update and support as may whitelist out apps. Plz if request to know our apps may we update privity.


Thanks for the explanation.

Open a support request if you haven’t already.

There is also a new portal here in Samsung Developer Program Issues and Bug Channel It is new and I haven’t gotten any feedback about it so far. You might want to try that if you don’t get a reasonable response from Developer Support.

Samsung Developer Relations