Option for developer to add android_wear_capabilities to manifest

It would be much appreciated if we could have the option to put in our own string for this android_wear_capabilities in the manifest file of the face (via a GUI in the WatchFaceStudio app).

as seen here: 獨立與非獨立 Wear OS 應用程式的比較  |  Android Developers

Firstly, it would make developing a companion phone app much easier as we would be able to verify and tell the user if the app was installed properly or not.


It could be added as a simple TextBox to the project settings.

(Less important) Secondly, it could allow for some future options (ie some way for the phone app to allow more watch face customizations, etc) l

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Watch Face Studio doesn’t allow to access the manifest file.

Any chance to add this feature to the request list?

Sorry, I don’t know anything about it.