Rejected by Google and not running on Android Studio


i made a lot of watchfaces by WatchFace Studio. But when i uploaded one of them to Play Store, i had a feedback from Google Team and they said my app is rejected: “basic functionallity of app isn’t working as described. For example, your application’s complication cannot be edited”

Then i tried my watchface on Android Studio and i can’t run my watchface in this app too . In the build output area an error occured: "Manifest Merger Failed: android:exported needs to be explicitly specified for ". When i tried my other watchfaces in Android Studio, same error i’ve been taken.

My watchface which includes steps and heart rate, has a empty slot for customize. I use latest version of WatchFaceStudio and Windows 11.

Anyone has an idea?

Watch Face Studio does not really do Heart Rate. Either label it as last read heart rate or do not include in the initial release. You can find several threads on this.
Watch Face Studio does not do Samsung Step Targets but sets its own targets in the project settings. If you add steps be sure to describe it as % of 10,000 or whatever you set the target for. Or just show steps and not percent.

Be sure your complication is Editable and not fixed. If you have a blank one it may not be obvious to the team which it is as it is blank. The text and Icon you use set in WFS is not installed on the watch.

I believe that the emulator for Wear OS powered by Samsung is in a beta version SDK See this page for details to get more information.

Hope this helps. See this thread for some assistance in uploading to Play Store

Samsung Developer Relations

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