Our apk on apktada . com

I do not know whether this is off - topic, but somehow it also belongs to the upload of our watch faces on google play.
While doing a Google search, I noticed that all of my watch faces are on one page with the name apktada. com or apkpl. net and are offered for download as an apk file.
Does that mean that our work is now simply available to everyone for free?

Have you contacted with Google regarding this matter? As you uploaded your watch face in Google Play Store, they will be able to give you proper answer for your query.
Thank you.

I believe this website only provide links to playstore just to generate traffic on their websites

They dont have paid apps . they only provide shortcuts to generate money via traffic on website.

A lot of websites starting with the words ApK in it are doing this.

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I just can’t find the right contact person at Google. I can’t get any further in the Play Console Help.

i also read in play console some where do you agree for your app to be advertised on other websites. when you make a new app release :slight_smile:

i believe these are those other websites which only give links towards play store apps.