Strange on Google Play, share a secret!

I noticed that not all developers are now on an equal footing and cannot understand the reason.

Take a look at screenshots from the Google Play app.

In the first case, we see that the watch face page has a section with other developer applications.
Also on the developer’s page in Google Play there are all his watch faces.

In the second case, there are no other watch faces from this developer on the watch face page, and the developer page is empty as well.
Although the web version displays a complete list of applications.

The problem is present only in the Google Play application.

I think this issue also applies to the top of paid watch faces.
Developers whose page has a problem with the display of their watch faces have no chance of getting to the top.

PS: I apologize to the developers, whose pages are shown in the screenshots, this is a random sample.

I noticed that too. My page is blank from the Google Play app. This is not the case with other developers.
Via PC or other apps such as Facebook, my page is then - hocus pocus - filled with watch faces again.

Maybe it’s a paid service?

Both of these watch faces are paid

SIMPLE ANS FOR THIS MYTH! Developers who have Android app and watchface under same package ID will be shown on Playstore App for Android, but Developers who have just watchface but not an Android app for it won’t be shown on Playstore App but they can be seen via Web browser!

In the given examples, the both watch faces made in the WatchFaceStudio.
They don’t have an companion app.

Or am I misunderstanding something?

watchface people make on watchfacestudio but their app they make via Android Studio, HERE is my page if you open it on web browser you will see all watchfaces but if you open it on Playstore app you will see only two which i recently learned this trick and made them with a companion app.


Thanks for the tip, I’ve already figured it out!
Really little trick.

I was planning on making a full fledged companion app later.

I see you are using my developer page as an example , I just tell users to search play store from phone for MW and select (Watch) then (Watch Face) and they all come up all my faces free or paid.

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No need, just make a simple app and attach it as it’s for discovery of the watchface nothing else!

Can you explain how?

So to make that simple companion app i guess coding knowledge is required ?

please guide us how to convert watchface made from WFS to simple app. Million thanks

I did a simple app according the video below. it’s too easy.

But i couldn’t do the rest, i searched a lot but no way i couldn’t find how to upload this simple app with my watch face or add this app to watch faces already published on store.

Many developers here uploading both phone and watch face app together, can anyone please describe or show the way how to do it.

Best regards.

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Hi Futorum,

Have you figured out how to make your Play Store Developer page fully visible on Android device?

I read this entire thread of everyone’s opinion, but I don’t understand. I’m having same issue, I don’t have full visibility of my Developer page with published apps from my mobile device but can see them all from PC.

Thank you.

the answer has already posted in this thread - make a simple helper application for a smartphone and with the same package name com.watchface.your_wf_name
And upload it along with your watch face to Google Play.
Naturally, the helper application must be made in Android Studio.


Thanks. What would be the file extension?

For example
application-release.aab - package name com.watchface.mywf123
watchface-release.aab - package name com.watchface.mywf123

But that with the extra app cannot be the final solution. I have seen from several developers that they no longer have the option (watch or phone) either. In other words, the watch was selected immediately (with no further options). And the developer side was also complete via the Google Play app.
So: How does it work without messing around with Android Studio first? Or is that one of the last great secrets of this universe?
I really don’t feel like being banned from Google because I’m tinkering with some fake apps.

I once downloaded an app like this. It just grabs your phone and you want to uninstall it immediately. Not exactly customer-friendly.

Some managed to get it there. I hope Samsung will communicate again with Google regarding this issue of visibility and compatibility on Play Store app. @r.liechty_SDP

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