Overlapping numbers

Is it possible to overlap numbers like in the examples below in GWD? Can you take a bitmap font and adjust each digit for positioning?

Screen_20210117_225740 Screen_20210127_030841

That is a pretty cool effect. :slight_smile: I think it is done by using tags and 60 images. I can’t see how you can remap single digits to do this affect.

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Thanks, ron - So, you cannot separate the first and second digit in GWS, but can you do that in Tizen?

If it’s not too complicated, how would you describe using tags to grab the different images in GWS?

GWS bitmap fonts are remapped by either digits or strings so there may be a way to do it but you’d still need 60 images for the minutes.
just create 60 images and you can use tags or you can use the timeline (probably easier now that I think of it) to show or hide the image.
if you set the opacity of an image to ([m] == 30) ? 100 : 0 it will only show when it is 30 mins after the hour. the tag [m] can be from 0 to 59.

You can also use the time line set the scale to hour instead of 24 hours and show only for 30 it is easier than doing the tags for show hide.

Does that help Tags are explained here.

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Super, super, super! Thanks very much for this explanation, Ron!