Paid Developer Support Available?


The support tickets we have submitted have either gone unanswered…or we received a reply 2-3 weeks later that demonstrates that our question wasn’t understood, or the answers were so very basic and lacking in detail that they were worthless.

Is paid Samsung Developer Support available? We have questions about the capabilities of the camera on the Galaxy S Series lineup that we have been unable to solve. After months of testing and experiments, we have made progress (even getting beyond what anyone in numerous developer forums has said is possible). However, we have come up on a roadblock. We aren’t sure if it’s our coding error or a hardware limitation.

We are willing to pay, but don’t know if that is formally available from Samsung. If not, we are willing to make private arrangements with an internal Samsung developer, too.

Anyone here know if paid support is available or how to get our questions answered promptly by a internal Samsung developer with in-depth knowledge?


There is no premium support available. The reason responses take so long is that it probably isn’t a Samsung issue or it isn’t a API issue. If it is the camera app issue it takes a while to get resolved and getting an information on something that is hardware related is much harder for the developer support team.

Having said that, I can understand your the inconvenience.

Samsung Developer Relations

If only some real Samsung developers would occasionally frequent this forum, they would know that we are willing to pay hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars for some answers that would likely be fairly simple for them. If they were really willing to do some work $10,000+ is not out of the question.

I’m happy to pay either via Samsung or via a private agreement with an individual able to help get us past this roadblock.

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