Percent symbol not showing in watch battery

After a new Wear OS update, the percent symbol on watch battery text is no longer showing on the watch. For example it’s now showing 99 instead of 99%.

What can I do to make the percent symbol to show again?

The % is up to the complication. The WFS has it showing as an exemplar because that is what it used to be. This is very difficult to fix because if you put it in manually and then the Complication gets updated to add the % symbol it will again be wrong.
What I would suggest is below the number put a text box in that has text percentage. But again that may not be a good work around.

Hopefully the complication author will change back to adding the % sign.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thank you Ron for your reply. Now I just have to replace the % symbol with a bitmap image, and make the battery text to align to the right so it won’t move over the % image symbol.

Great idea, I hadn’t thought of using the bitmap % to block it I’ll make a note of it.


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