Where is the battery icon that updates in real time?

Hey, so I choose the Monochromatic Image Complication and selected the detault as Watch Battery > Fixed. When I Run on Device, it does not show accurately. My battery is at 65% and it’s showing 80% on the icon. How can I use the battery graphic that’s updated in real time? Thanks.

Monochromatic Image complication is an icon I don’t know if it is supposed update or not. Seems like it should. I can check it and report it as a bug if I can duplicate it.

for now use a short text complication

Samsung Developer Relations

Unfortunately, the Wear OS platform doesn’t provide the battery icon reflecting the current level to the Monochromatic complication.

Using the functions provided by WFS, you can create your own battery icon that reflects the current battery level.

Thanks for letting me know.