How the hell do I get this pos program to work?

Recently got a Watch 3 off eBay. Learned it was possible to create and use your own watch faces, so downloaded the relevant program to give it a go. Created a basic watch face to try out. Connected my watch, and hit “run on device”. It wants to create a “certificate”, a box pops up but then nothing. Nothing else happens. Not sure why this is so complicated? I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t bothered. Easier to go the store and pay for someone else’s.

Hello and welcome.
if you did not search the forum, maybe give it a try. It has been long since I did it last time, so cant remember the details. I found this post that sums up how it should go.

If it would not work, before you give up custom watch faces, maybe try some other platforms like When it works, the connection and faces uploading to watch seems easier to me. Drawback is slightly higher battery drain than with GWS faces.

Thanks, I check it out.

It is complicated because Galaxy Watch Studio uses a library based on Internet Explorer that is seen as a security risk and not allowed to connect to the seller portal. So now there are hoops. Basically you need to download and install Tizen Studio and use their Certificate manager to create the certificates and then manually install them with an old Tizen installer called FitInstaller.

SEE THIS THREAD for details

I like the Galaxy Watch3 it is a really nice watch don’t give up on it.

BTW I hope you are using Galaxy Watch Studio 2.0.0 and not the 2.0.1 version which has a nasty bug regarding the AOD

Samsung Developer Relations

I downloaded what looked like the most recent version. Yes it was 2.0.1, so I uninstalled that and downloaded and installed 2.0.0 instead.

I’d created a certificate using info I’d already read on here, but couldn’t get any further than that. I’ve just followed the info you provided and low behold the watch face has appeared on my watch! Thanks.