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but unfortunately it’s not continously… or i miss something?

If you really need continuous heart rate, just use some health app like S Health or Google Fit and monitor you activity “on the go” or while running.

Complications or watch faces are not designed for continuous heart rate monitoring. It doesn’t make sense.

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in galaxy watch studio (for tizen) it was possible

Galaxy Watch Studio for Tizen had access to the private Samsung Health API. Third party developers did not and could not access Samsung Health unless they became a partner.

Privacy laws changed and you must control what data is collected and how it is shared. So only a licensed partner has access to the private API for Health on Wear OS Powered by Samsung.

Instead there is a Health Services API instead. Each developer using that API is accountable for how the data is stored and shared. Therefore the developers provide complications that merely display this information instead of sharing it when they don’t know what it will be used for.

I hope this makes sense, It may be that at some time WFS will have access to more Health output but it is not possible at this time or near future.

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Hi man! Is it possible to apply a custom image progression to your complication? Similar to how you can apply images to different stages of the watch battery?

Hi. I think this is not possible.

Thank’s for doing it, very handy.

I have downloaded your app on phone and watch5 but all i get is the icon on the phone. No way to activate or setup anything.

Be sure you downloaded the watch face app as well as the mobile app. Sometimes in Play Store you need to click on the download/purchase button to see the watch download option.

With Watch 4 when you downloaded a watch face it would be installed to your watch it does not work that way now. It will install on your watch and then you have two options
long press the watchface and click on the + button to add the new watch face or from the wear app select watch faces and scroll down to where it says downloaded and add it from there.

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