Pixel Watch - Possible AOD issues with WFS watch faces

I’ve recently received several reports from Pixel Watch users that AOD doesn’t work well on their devices.

I’m not sure if this is directly a WFS related issue, or a Pixel Watch software issue, but there are some unusual issues with AOD on Pixel Watch with third-party watch faces.

  • One user reported that a (static) seconds hand is visible in AOD, even though it’s set to hidden in WFS when AOD turns on.
    This watch face has been available for over a year and AOD works without any issues on various other watch devices, this issue appeared only for a Pixel Watch user.

  • Another user reported that AOD keeps turning off and going blank for them, even though it’s on and they’re wearing their watch tightly around the wrist. They say this only happens on third-party watch faces, not the stock ones.

I don’t have a physical Pixel Watch to test these claims.
Even if I did, I have no idea how to fix the described issues with AOD - it’s simply enabled and expected to work normally, like it does on other watch devices.

Seems like this is either some kind of WFS and Pixel Watch compatibility issue, or perhaps just a software issue with how Pixel Watch handles third-party watch faces. :man_shrugging:


As I see the reports in the 9to5google it has to do with the Watch Faces built with an older version of Androidx Library.

If you designed the watch faces with a much older version of WFS rebuild them with WFS 1.3.12

Samsung Developer Relations


Those were indeed older watch faces that received this feedback, that must be it.
Thanks Ron! :+1: