Compatibility error

Hi, I have uploaded a watchface on PlayStore also in release type selected wearOS all was reviewed and approved, now problem is that if user open that link on Playstore app it says no device compatible for this app, but same link you open on browser all of sudden it appears as compatible. So i was wondering if anyone knows how to get rid of this weird confusion, as I have seen some designers their watchfaces work on both app and browser… If any one knows a special step to do for making watchface available on both App and Browser will be awesome and for user it will be more easier to find new watchfaces and download them… Thanks

@gmpanh the google implementation platform works with its own life. It works differently for every developer. : D
You have to wait some time for everything to turn out fine and work properly. Their bots have such an algorithm, they learn but slowly. :wink:
Full and correct implementation takes approximately one to two weeks.
Read on, we’ve already written about it in several threads on the forum.

They have fixed the compatibility issue now. @Szewcu72

Well, I have managed to publish my spheres but it tells me that they are not compatible with any of my devices because it only lets me upload .AAB and not .APK, do you know how to correct it?

I have tried both from the mobile and from the computer and I always get the same message that I do not have compatible devices

Not really. Today I got a message from a potential customer that he cannot download my Watch Face. I’ve tested this on several devices. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. This can be remedied by deleting the cache and files in the Google Play app. But who does that?

What must you do wrong. Since I removed the oppo from the device list, my faces show up in the store after one day, and a few hours to one day are available for all watches (except Oppo) on the Google list.

I use the Oppo exclusion rule only for faces with the HR function.

I also excluded the Oppo watches. Sometimes I even handled it in such a way that I only released the Galaxy Watch 4 and only released the rest of the watches after a few days.
The problem is not with us developers. As I said before, it works out of the box on some phones and not on others. If you delete the data of the Play app, then success will be achieved after a while. But you can’t expect the customer to do that. They try to buy the watch face and if that doesn’t work, they won’t come back.

If you open link once it says not compatible then you go back and open it again it become compatible, seems like playstore not recognizing people at first then in background something happen it start to recognize…

Removing oppo watches passes the watchface review but it doesn’t solve the compatibility issue if user open your watchface from playstore link…

I checked out different face download variants. From the store in the watch, on the phone, on the computer. I also checked it from the level of browsers using the direct links that I provide. Everything works. I am not getting a non-compliance message. Similarly, my friends who test it for me have no problems. It’s OK.