Please help me

Sir my theme is rejected for the second time. I do not understand that I work so hard but my theme is rejected every time, now my confidence is also decreasing, Sir, what is missing in my theme and what is the mistake that I made in my theme?

Screenshot_20201231-141637_Samsung Internet

My opinion does not matter at all, however you are asking for feedback so I will be generous. Your wallpaper design doesn’t have much depth to it, a window frame with curtains, no shadows or depth, not a lot of detail. To me, seems kinda plain. And you used it as a background for all screens, no variation, so I cannot tell if this is all the talent you have? Not much creativity on other screens, and font colors on Settings screen are hard to read, that’s not good. Recommendation - add more detail, have different lock screen and home screen wallpapers, make custom dialer and settings backgrounds. Make it pop :slight_smile: If you aren’t putting 150% into the design, you probably won’t be accepted. Hope this helps, and good luck in your next attempt, keep trying.

Thank you very much sir

Sir, do you think I should try back?

I am scared because Sir Samsung’s review team rejects every time.

I’m not a psychologist but have learned that rejection is part of life, what is important is how we move on from it and do better in the future :slight_smile:

I think your theme needs a lot of work in appearance. overall good.

still the old bugs in contrast and readability, no depth, no layering, no alignment, really even if the thread doesn’t make any errors it won’t be browsed, it’s too bad Graphically, worse than the default theme, it’s not quite as nice to compete with other themes, you should remove this theme and redo another theme, more BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE, think differently. The rejected topic has only 2 reasons, 1 is the basic design error or the contrast, 2 is that if there is no error, it is too bad, too many people do and it is not competitive enough with the other topic good luck next time don’t give up