Again same default rejection message

So got a nice birthday present today, once again rejected for theme submission and asking for an explanation in the past did not help. This is probably my 7th try.

Please have a look and tell me what is wrong. Everything in here i made from scratch, trying to showcase my abilities. Assets, lighting, textures. So please give me some tips, or show me what got you accepted, because honestly I don’t know what is required or what is accepted. Think it’s best to just give up.

Theme Submission - Jaco Naude.pdf (1.5 MB)

Happy Birthday!

You don’t need to write an introductory text about who you are and describe your topic. Just take the printscreen created automatically by Photoshop and just compress it in a .ZIP folder and send it. That simple! Follow the tutorial

About your theme:

In HOME, the Dial and Camera icons are very dark, make them lighter, highlighted.

Those too. Your icons are really beautiful, but very dark.
Try to make the writing clearer and the background of the icons too, so the icon will be more prominent and the internal design too.


The numbers on the dial, make them a little clearer too.
Contact icons too, make it clear.
In general, in messages, settings, make all icons and writing more clear
Practically impossible to see the icons. And the main script, make it a little clearer too.

Change those icons too! Caution! Keep them aligned and proportional sizes. By Photoshop and file configuration, small distortion can occur, correct them!
And that white line that remains is a file error, to give it more charm, fill it with the main color of the wallpaper.

See, I filled in the line, correcting.

My English is bad. sorry.

Thank you very much, really appreciate the feedback. Noted, will work on those in future and not try to make the same mistakes.

Thank you again for the trouble and explanation, great tips!

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I disagree, the intro text is very important, it lets the review team know what your goal is. I’m not on the review team so don’t really know what they look for, but we all have passion for design, so what really sets you apart. What are your themes going to be, all industrial or mechanical, or will the next one be flowers? That’s an extreme example but shows my point I hope.

There’s a lot of designers on the store right now so the competition is tough. Keep trying :slight_smile:

And I like the theme you submitted, can’t see anything I’d change. But, just my opinion, you said “I blended a lot of copyright free pictures in Photoshop to create the distant background.” This indicates it isn’t original work… Most people can take a bunch of images from the internet and combine them, heck, there’s a lot of Sellers on the store that subscribe to photo sharing sites and just use those to create themes. You can do that once accepted :slight_smile:

But now, create your own art work. Good luck…

You must understand that they choose a designer, not a theme …
In one project, they cannot see your potential in subsequent works. Draw more, about 5-6 themes.

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It also will help if you are currently a Galaxy Watch Designer to mention that in your letter. Knowing that you already understand copyright and intellectual property infringement laws and regulations does help.

Samsung Developer Program

Thank you guys, really appreciate the advice, will try again next time, just disheartening getting that message, but yeah, will take the tips and improve and try again.

Thank you all, stay safe.

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