Poor visibility of button, icon, text (Calendar)

My theme was rejected due to visibility issues.
What should I fix to solve this?
Please help.

Detected Device: SM-F926B_TM, SW Version: F926BXXU5GWJG_Android ver: 14

As far as I can tell, it can’t be fixed in an elegant way. What happens is that the original button is covered with a disc with the color of the background. The color for the check mark is the “text color”, like the + in the editor. So, if the text color has the same color with the background color, nothing will be visible.


A workaround would be to use an icon which has something outside the circle (like I made my bg white instead of transparent for the purpuse of finding the issue details).

I hope it helps

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The latest version of GTS fixes this issue, you can’t fix it.

If your theme wasn’t built with the latest tool, there is high probability it will be rejected due to the number of bugs in the first four Android 14 versions of the tool.

The latest editor didn’t fix the issue, the tests above I made with the latest editor.

Check that your Common > Color > Text Color is visible on the Main Text Color.

Another example of the genius developers at Samsung using a Text color as a background :rage:

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So how we can fix this?

Hi, any updates on this issue guys.


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*The UIDs related to this problem are 16-5-3 and 16-5-5, which occurred because the seller set these two UID colors the same.
The seller must set the colors of these UIDs differently.
[ GTS path ]
16-5-5 : Common -] Color -] “Text color”
16-5-3 : Common -] Background -] “Background” -] color
[Test Device Info]
Detected Device: SM-F946U_TM, SW Version: F946USQU1BWL5

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Hi, any updates on this issue guys.

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I just received this same info for a theme that I submitted. However, this does not explain or solve the issue.

  1. I have these two items (16-5-5 : Common -] Color -] “Text color”, and 16-5-3 : Common -] Background -] “Background” -]) set as different colors within GTS, so the fact that they say they are the same either means they are wrong about which items control this button, or the GTS is changing my color upon export.

  2. But even so, why are they using the primary background color for the color of a button that is sitting either on the background color or something similar to it?

  3. If this is going to be a different color than one of the many button colors we already set, it should be shown as a preview in at least one of the preview screens so we can the issue and fix it before export.

Am I the only one whose issue was not fixed with this?

I consider it a bug but they won’t fix it.

The Common > Color > Text Color has to be visible on the Common > Background > Background.

Check it on the phone by going to the Calendar app, looking at the visibility of the check mark to the right of the text box. It has no background , except for the default background . When you type some text you can see a check mark with background

There’s no way to see this in the tool, just as the other 20 or so rejections you can get.


I forgot to mention…

If you start typing text into that calendar text box, you will see a check mark on a circle background.

This is also a bug - the checkmark is Common > Color > Text Color, but the circle background is Search > Input Primary Color.

Another example of using a text color as a background color. And no, they obviously don’t have the skills to fix it because I’ve opened tickets on it.