Poor visibility of button, icon, text (Calendar) Help me!

Poor visibility of button, icon, text (Calendar) Help me!!!

I haven’t been able to release a new theme for two months due to the same problem.

Is there a seller who solved the problem?

Please help. ㅜㅜ

It is the “Text color”, as far as I can tell it’s always over a white background

Your Primary Text Color must be visible on Common > Background > Background Color. Only fails in the Fold of course.

Thank you. This occurs when the background is beige or light. We delivered the contents and files to Samsung.

YES. Only fails in the Fold of course.

I registered it without the folder.
We have reported the problem to Samsung.
I hope it works out well.

It’s so hard every year

Samsung already knows it’s an issue, because they specifically test it on every theme.

I tested and confirmed the issue on an S21 with OneUI 6.0, so it’s not only for Fold. Maybe they test it only on Fold, but the problem is general.

Thank you for your confirmation.
I made a request to Samsung today. Please fix this problem

It’s been 3 weeks and I still get all my themes rejected with this issue, even with the latest GTS. Is there any solution or workaround? Does removing Fold from the device list help? How are other themes getting approved?!