Pop up message: "You've been invited to become Seller Portal manager"

Something weird was happening this morning when I visited my Seller Portal website. I had several tabs opened in Samsung Internet internet browser app in my phone. One of the tab was my Seller Portal website in which I was logged in several minutes ago. I went to other tabs to browse for other websites. Then I went back to open the tab that has my Seller Portal website. When I opened the tab that has my Seller Portal website, very briefly there was a pop up message saying “You’ve been invited to become a Seller Portal manager”. The pop up message disappeared as soon as the Seller Portal website was fully shown on the screen.

Is this a bug? I hope there is nothing wrong with the Seller Portal website.

Hello rev,

There is nothing to be worried about. The Seller Portal team let you know an option to change your account as a manager account. This gives you some extra privileges. You can go through this guide to get a clear idea of it.



Thanks so much for explaining.