Portfolio review takes a long time

Is the portfolio review period up to 30 days?
The portfolio I sent in May has not been reviewed yet.

I’ve read a lot of posts like this. I guess they are trying to “reduce” the amount of sellers, so it’s no surprise that they are turning away a LOT. I’ve been selling themes (for over 3 years) and now they are taking weeks and weeks to get through an update for a theme that was already approved.
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The Theme Reviewers didn’t usually send any notification of rejection but they do send them now and so not getting one is a good omen.

Having said that the Theme reviews do not start until the end of the open review period so it isn’t that late.

Samsung Developer Relations

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It took about 2 months for me to receive their answer (I was accepted last year). But, as the previous comment said, you will be informed either way.

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