Device Test Delayed

Does anyone know why the reviews takes so much time? I have more applications with , Device Test Delayed" status and they will reject that because in the meantime a new version was released. In this way, I will not be able to upload new content because they will reject it every time because a new version is released. Any solutions? What is the solution for Samsung to do faster reviews? It’s the same problem every year.


It won’t be rejected because it’s an older editor version, they always considered the time of the submission as reference. However, there are issues with the earlier versions of the editor which will likely cause a rejection for most.

None of the themes made with the editor 14.0.14w.3 were tested yet, I know that *.2 had an issue with the lock screen notification counter color being wrong and *.1 and *.2 don’t have on Fold the apps icon in the task bar. I don’t know if *.3 solves or not the problem and neither if this latest version fix them all or add new ones.

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Understood, I just published few themes. I hope that at least 1 will be approved. Thank you for infos!