Delay for approval of themes

I have some themes that I updated. These themes feature the “Device Test Delayed” message. Anyone else with this slowness for the team to analyze and approve the themes? A theme is “Under Test Confirmation” since the 08th and so far unanswered.

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8th was just yesterday?

My oldest theme has been waiting since July 27 (2 weeks) for review and approval :frowning:

I have noticed that some of the same old sellers are submitting a lot of themes, as they did in the past. I noticed that one infamous seller has 96 “new” themes in the store! That’s where all the testers time is being spent :frowning:

Samsung needs to set a limit as to how many themes they will review each week per Seller. But we’ve had this discussion before unfortunately.


I also have a theme to be approved since June 28th. We just have to be patient.

I think I know which one you mean and I agree on limits. However, some designers do submit over time but set a release date all the same time… but not 96 variants.