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I believe, I have raised this topic some years ago and it’s also relevant to ALL the content in the Galaxy App Store, not only themes. But as the currency exchange rate fluctuates rapidly it now becomes the issue number one for me, personally. Simply because I used to adjust price tags for every single country meeting its economic status and financial capabilities of its residents. And also, to round them to more attractive numbers like *.95, *,99, *.00, etc.

So why we still can´t get the script allowing us to apply the same costs to the multiple products? Even putting the currency trends aside, if we simply want to register the new content why should we enter all the same numbers from the scratch again and again, instead of simply importing them from the saved template or another Content info?
Really, I don’t understand :frowning_face:


It’s a good idea! And to save your prices, like: Price for wallpapers, themes… that you can select and the price will be automatically applied by filling the table.
There are countries that if for US$1.5 in the automatic conversion it is very expensive and I have to change it manually.

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There is a tool for that it is called the Big Mac Index based on the price of a MacDonalds Big Mac burger in various countries. It doesn’t work well with luxury goods but does for almost everything else.

You should know that the Developer Program did a research on this and found that if you based European sales with a Euro relative amount it increased sales over a dollar value that was odd numbers in Europe.

While I don’t have any way to make suggestions directly to the Seller Office, I can suggest things to the Galaxy Store ops team and they can pass them on.

Samsung Developer Relations

This is a great idea and seems like a straight forward request…

When we select the “Import My App” button on the App Information tab, they should also be able to import and populate the Country/Region Price information from the imported app.

Sorry Ron, I’m not sure if I understood the results of your research on euro vs dollar. Would you mind breaking it down, please?
And if you could pass my suggestion to the ops team, I would highly appreciate it!

Yes, you got me just right. Even if making the templates is too much job, at least fetching the data from the already existing content (same way as we already have in the App Info section now) would be extremely helpful.

And just to clarify my idea about the templates themselves if they are ever possible to implement.

The ideal template is the one that is able to synchronize the information. For instance, I select some of my themes and price them at 1.99 Euros in Germany, 1.75 Euro in Romania, 2 USD in US, $1.5 in Global A, 25 pesos in Mexico, etc. So I create the template named “X” and apply it to these selected themes.
Later on I discover, that this price seems to be too high or people lose interest to my content, so I decide to make it cheaper. So I decrease the numbers in the template “X” and all the content to which it has been applied is getting affected automatically. Or vice versa - I may select say, some of my seasonal themes during the active season and make them temporarily more expensive. Isn’t it cool? :grin:

The less ideal template is when you have to re-apply it manually each time after you make changes to it, BUT it would be still very, very handy!

A template would be a lot of work for developers. Copying pricing from one theme to another should be relatively simple to implement.

This is what you were saying about more attractive numbers.

It is not as big of a difference between Dollar and Euro now but it was when the study was done. But say your selling price in the US is $1.99 which currently is 1.89 Euro. If you raise the price in the EU to 1.99 euro they sell better than the lower 1.89 value. Buyers think you are probably European or at least considerate of Europe so when you do your settings generally raise don’t lower the prices.

Samsung Developer Relations

I use for this the imacros plugin since years. So i have my templates for different content.

But yes with the price templates, it should be great, LG was using something like this for the Themes in the past

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An alternative solution is let us set prices via uploading a CSV file. This might be an easier way to implement than creating price templates into current system.

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I totally understand it, that’s why I said it will be great if we could get just an importing tool.

Wow, I didn’t know this, but somehow that’s exactly what I’m doing the last weeks :hushed:. I guess this small spread between euro and dollar is what made me pull the euro numbers up. And since I’m doing it manually and there are many euro inputs in every content unit, by the present moment I feel really exhausted, so I brought this topic up once again.
Thank you for sharing this insight though!