Problem - Button Custom don't work

Need a totally dummy guide on how the Custom Button works.

How do I find the ID?
And how the actual code to be inserted in the App ID field looks like.
And How I make at shortcut to one of the installed App on the watch ?
Watch Screendump2

Run a simple adb command from the DOS CMD line

adb connect
adb shell
pm list packages
( is your watches IP address. Also, be sure to enable ADB debugging on your watch)

You will get an output similar to this

The app ID is displayed after package:

SEE: Where can I find App ID?

Get this error !

Try this ".\adb.exe connect"

adb install with Watch Face Studio so if you don’t set the adb path in the environment variable then it will not be found without Watch Face Studio path. I think you don’t set the environment variable that is why adb id not recognized from C directory. Go to this path: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Programs\WatchFaceStudio\tools\window and then open the command prompt and try adb command. Now the adb will be recognized.

Or you can set the adb path in the environment variable and find the adb from C or other folder.

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