Problem importing a google play game - Package Name is not valid


I have been trying to import my google play game into the samsung seller portal without much luck

I have followed the instructions given by Samsung, created the OAuth Client ID on Google, copied the ID and SECRET and pasted them into the relevant fields on the import field on samsung seller portal

The next screen i enter my google package name com.EXAMPLE.ExampleName (please note mine does contain uppercase and lowercase characters)

I hit search and i receive the message “Package Name is not valid. The package name was not found or it could not be loaded from Google play”

Has anyone else experienced this before and does anyone have any suggestions?

thank you!


I asked the team we work with in the Seller Portal and they were not familiar with that issue and recommend you contact the Seller Portal support 1:1 Enquiry and they should be able to help you with this issue.

If they can’t give you any help let us know.

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I have the same problem. Any solutions?

Nothing new - i can’t add my app :frowning:

[Edited] Please create a seller portal support request this is apparently not a common issue.

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I am having the same issue, Package Name is not valid, I’m sure I know the name of the package by now …

Opening a support request is not of much use, it ends in support telling me to get some screenshots of the process and open a new request (presumably because they don’t believe I followed the steps) and then continue to immediately close my request, while judging from this thread here, this isn’t an uncommon problem.

Also, I wonder why grabbing the metadata requires such a convoluted way to do. Other 3rd party stores are able to grab descriptions and screenshots without us giving roundabout access to our Google account.

Since my last post this has became a more common issue. If you haven’t gotten help from the seller portal please open a developer support request

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Same issue, any help ??

I am told that this is a case by case issue, as before first open a seller portal support request
and if they can’t help, then create a developer support request

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I had the same issue, contacted the support and had to search because the response was not enough.

Here is what you should do:

I hope this will help other people…

@samsung Please improve your documentation as it is clearly not user friendly at all…


I tend to agree with you, I think they are working on a FAQ or Checklist for this.

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I’m trying to import the information from my app from google play store but the page just keeps loading and in the end it doesn’t do anything.

I also meet this problem. What should I do. Please give step by step instructions.
Thank you


I also meet this problem. What should I do

This is not infrequent please open a support request. Every issue is different.


The solution above wrote by @funnylabz woks fine only if I select less that 16 languages to import. More than this number, the circular progress bar stop without doing anything.

I also meet this problem… Has this problem been resolved? Does anyone know how to solve it?

HI zzackka,

It appears that this is different for every one. Support should be able to help you on this. There are a few common reasons and if they don’t work they can help you with others.

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Thanks! it works! Followed your steps and my problem was solve