Problem importing a google play game - Package Name is not valid


I have been trying to import my google play game into the samsung seller portal without much luck

I have followed the instructions given by Samsung, created the OAuth Client ID on Google, copied the ID and SECRET and pasted them into the relevant fields on the import field on samsung seller portal

The next screen i enter my google package name com.EXAMPLE.ExampleName (please note mine does contain uppercase and lowercase characters)

I hit search and i receive the message “Package Name is not valid. The package name was not found or it could not be loaded from Google play”

Has anyone else experienced this before and does anyone have any suggestions?

thank you!


I asked the team we work with in the Seller Portal and they were not familiar with that issue and recommend you contact the Seller Portal support 1:1 Enquiry and they should be able to help you with this issue.

If they can’t give you any help let us know.

Samsung Developer Program

I have the same problem. Any solutions?