DUNS data import Issue + Copyright Holder/Seller Name Issue


I’m trying to update my apps, but all updates are being rejected with the following reason:

The copyright holder contains the word ‘’… “My Studio Name”…‘’, which is invalid.
#The app is used an invalid ‘Copyright Holder’ name instead of ‘Seller Name’.

[Test Procedure]
Check that the app copyright holder does not contain any prohibited words or invalid.

[Expected Result]
Do not use an invalid in the app copyright holder.

The problem is that due to DUNS data import issues that have been occurring for almost over a year, my Company Name was imported incorrectly. The Representative’s Name of my company was imported into my Company Name.

Both the Representative Name and Company Name have my personal name as the data was incorrectly imported by Samsung.

Therefore, so that my personal name does not appear in the Company Name of the app in the store, I am putting the Company Name in the Copyright Holder.

But even so, reviewers insist that the Copyright Holder must be the same as the Company Name that appears in Samsung’s system.

What is the purpose of the Copyright Holder field since it is not serving anything?

Legally the copyright holder has to be a person and not a company name. In Duns it is the Key Representative.

So I’m confused about this

But even so, reviewers insist that the Copyright Holder must be the same as the Company Name that appears in Samsung’s system.

It should have been the other way around.

As normal I’ll have to contact you again private message.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hello Ron

I don’t know things have changed recently. But, a few years ago, when I created my personal developer account, as I didn’t have a company, Samsung support recommended that if I didn’t want my name to appear in the store but rather that of my studio, I could just enter the name from the studio at Copyright Holder.

Let’s assume that a person named Jhon Smith decided to publish an app on the Galaxy Store a few years ago. If he simply published the app with an empty Copyright Holder, his full name would be displayed in the developer name. If his app were the app below, instead of the name of the company Scopely Inc appearing, it would say Jhon Smith:

Therefore, if he wrote the name of his studio in the Copyright Holder, such as Scopely Inc, only then would the name of his studio be displayed and not his full name.

It was that way for years. However, since Samsung decided to adopt the DUNS Number as a requirement and forced everyone who wanted to continue the partnership to create a business account, the problems began and have lasted for a year.

I created my DUNS Number, but the information was imported incorrectly. My Company Name is the same as my Representative’s Name.

Returning to our friend Jhon’s example, let’s assume he opened a company called “Smith Amazing Apps”

When importing his company information, Samsung should import it as follows:

  • Company Name: “Smith Amazing Apps”
  • Representative’s Name: “Jhon Smith”


However, Samsung is importing as follows:

  • Company Name: “Jhon Smith”
  • Representative’s Name: “Jhon Smith”

Therefore, in the galaxy store, instead of your app being shown under the studio name: “Smith Amazing Apps”, it is being shown as “Jhon Smith”.

Jhon, confused, when trying to make his app sound more professional, fills in the Copyright Holder as “Smith Amazing Apps” to not sound so amateurish, after all, he has a company open in his country and pays taxes. He is not an amateur who develops apps in his spare time, he is a professional developer and dedicates himself every day to promoting his apps and providing the best experience for his users.

Still, even with all these problems importing DUNS Number information, Samsung is rejecting apps submitted with Copyright Holder and instead of showing the Company Name in the developer name, many developers will have to leave their personal names in the Company field. .

Imagine if the Samsung Browser logo below, instead of saying “Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.”, said “Ronald Williams Johnson”.


Well, that’s exactly what’s happening to me.

Where can I access private messages? I didn’t receive it here.

Since Samsung hasn’t resolved the DUNS data import issues yet, why not let CopyRight Holder remain customizable?

All Private Android sellers were updated to Corporate Sellers you had not option to not change status.

You went from a private commercial seller to a “corporate commercial seller” a corporation has to have a human name. Download a Samsung App it it will probably say Samsung Corp / <someone’s name>

A private seller did not need to have that.

Anyway the issue is clearly they are not importing this data correctly.

  • Company Name: “Smith Amazing Apps”
  • Representative’s Name: “Jhon Smith”

We fix that and we fix it all.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Hi Ron

When was this issue fixed and how do I get my data updated? For me, my data still remains imported incorrectly.

that is the Royal “we” which means you fix that and it fixes it all. Can you update your DUNS information for the company name. Just refresh the profile?

After that I’ll see there is something that Samsung can do.


I’m sorry, I misunderstood.

As I told you a few days ago, my DUNS profile already contains my Company Name correctly. I’ve fought with Dun & Bradstreet employee several times to update my profile, but they proved that everything is right at DUNS.

Where can I refresh my profile on the Galaxy Store seller dashboard?