Problem Playstore

Hello. Today a user has contacted a problem. An error message is displayed in the Playstore. Does anyone have this problem? I’ve never seen this problem

‘‘Good morning. …j I bought this dial but does not settle on my Samsung Watch 5 while everything is well in Bluetooth connected with my zflip4 (Wear app connected to my watch)!
Nothing is happening when I pressed installing the screen and moreover a message talks about checking network connection. What network? My watch is connected in Bluetooth.
It doesn’t work can you help me’’

Yes, sometimes I (also) get these messages about installation problems

It could be yet another glitch on Play Store or some problem with his internet connection.

Try advising him to install directly from the web browser.

Thanks Matteo for the feedback. I’ve already done that. But I have no feedback yet.

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As a last resort, probably the watch needs to be rebooted or reset to factory setting.

Or maybe the watch was connected to an internet network that has too many devices connected to it. Having too many devices using the same wifi router can cause a drop in connection.

Apparently the problem was fixed. The buyer could install the WF. But he didn’t say what the solution was. I think the problem was the user himself

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