Problems download Watchfaces from Google Playstore

Hello. I have feedback from users with problems to download watchfaces from the Google Playstore. They can start the download, but a message appears … The Watchface XY will be installed soon on your device. And nothing happens. I had the same problem. It took up to 20 minutes until the WF was on the watch. I used a Galaxy S10 and GW4 Classic.

Have you got any update on this. Samsung can not get involved with Play Store issues but I"m collecting a list of issues that might help others publish on Play Store.

Samsung Developer Relations

The problem continues and I think it is a problem in conjunction with Samsung Phone and Galaxy Watch 4. Apps that are downloaded on the mobile phone will be charged directly.

Google Play Console has a deep learning curve for sure, I’m still pretty much in the fog right now. It has been 10 days since my 1st watchface has been fully rollout according to Play Console.

But it is still showing “Your device isn’t compatible with this version” on Z Fold 3 paired with Watch4 and S10 paired with Watch4, yet some how a few has managed to buy it. I set the supported devices to Watch4 series and two TicWatch…have no clue what is going on now. Learning goes on.

Look here:

You must activate Wearos devices under Advanced Settings.

Thank, I did that. There is a delay of 5-7 days after released, then the incompatible message supposed to go away. It has been more than 7 days in my case… Some people were about to buy it somehow, that means it’s available to somewhere…

For me was a delay of 1-2 days

Hi guys! :wave:
Here’s a little tip for sharing your watch faces with customers.
Play Market link looks like this:
Insert /web between … and /store/apps… Like this:
This should open the link in a browser instead of Play Market app.
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Enable the watch wifi to quickly start to download the watch face. The watch needs an internet connection to download the watch face. Unlike Tizen based that the download happens on the phone and is transferred to the watch, Play Store simply marks the watch face for download for the watch.
The other solution is by downloading the watch face from the watch, go to the watch play store and search the watch face and download it. It will instantly start the download.

It doesn’t work on my phone, both links open Google Play app.

Both the phone and watch is connected on the same WIFI network, they are paired. So, I don’t know what I’m missing lol. It has been bought and downloaded a few times (I don’t know how, I’ve not made any announcement of it as I’m waiting to resolve the incompatibility message on the phone. I just emailed Google Console support and see how it goes.

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Hmm, this is strange… I’ve checked this on the different phones and messengers (telegram, FB) and it works fine. I’ll think of this problem…

Hi Ron, I was able to buy my watchface through from PC. Play store shows my Watch4 and Fold3 as compatible devices, it stated the purchase was successful and the watch face will install soon. But it didn’t install, on my phone it has a refund button on the listing.


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Have you checked Devices catalogue in your app in the Play Console? Maybe you didn’t ticked the field for your exact model or excluded it from this version by mistake. I was struggling to get my watch face installed on my watch through the Play Store only because I forgot to add it to the list. Also as you tick it it may takes a few days until it is checked and enabled on the Play Store to be available for your watch model.

Supported devices are fine, they all have supported icon. I randomly checked a few watchfaces from other designers, some have the same incompatible message and some don’t. My guess is lag at Play store’s end.

Yes, it can be the case that it is lag on Google side, I was waiting around two days for the change to appear in the Play Store. Sometimes it helps to clear all data from the Play Store app on the phone so the update from Google will become visible quicker.

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I checked a few more watch faces on Play store, all the recently released ones show incompatible messages. Older ones from the same designers have no such problem. It must be some kind of lag.

Is this how all apps on Play store work or it has something to do with how WFS builds package?

Lately, many watch faces got rejected because of heart rate issues, what you see maybe one of them. It is published on the store but still not passed WearOS QA.

Both devices are connected to the Wi-Fi. A download via the mobile phone shows the message … The app will be installed soon on your device. This happens when I go via the web browser in the playstore. Download the WF directly via the Galaxy Watch is not a delay.

Below is from Play dev support

I’ve looked into your issue and found that your app is not compatible with Samsung Z Fold 3 due to a conflict in your app’s manifest with the following features: android.hardware.sensor.heartrate,

For more information about these features, visit our developer site at

Sensor  |  Android Developers

<uses-feature>  |  Android Developers

For help with technical questions related to app development, I recommend visiting our developer site at Developer Support Resources  |  Android Developers.

@usadesignwatchface , Is this what you’re referring to? I’m confused, does it mean all watchface with a heart rate stats are not compatible with Fold 3? It can’t be right, when I purchased the watchface from PC web browser. It showed Fold 3 as a compatible device.