Play Store and compatible devices error

Hello Everyone,

just to know …

For the release of watch face on the Play Store, we can ask here?

For example, there is a visibility issue with a recently released watch face on the Play Store.

If the phone is set in English lang, you can download the watch face.

If the phone is set in a different language, I get the message “your device is not compatible with this version”.

Obviously, all countries / regions have been selected on the Play Console.

Everything ok from a pc web browser and I can install the watch face directly on the watch.

How to solve?

Thank you.



I have the same problem. Hope it gets resolved soon.


How do you have a watch as there are only available on the 27th ?

Where I come from it is already on sale in superstores from August 12th.

Oh what county and store if you don’t mind me asking just everywhere in the worlds says pre-order then delivery on the 27th august ?

Italy, France, UK, Germany as far as I know.

Hello Matteo,
How long did Play Store review take?
PS: Russia also, I got my GW4 3 days ago. That’s unexpectedly fast but a pleasant surprise…)

No In Germany is only from 27.08. Delivered.

A friend bought it from MediaMarkt (local store) in Germany two days ago.

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Great !

2-3 business days.

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Anyway, can anyone reply to the post topic? :roll_eyes:

It’s very important for everyone.

Thank you.


Now everything seems to be working fine.

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@Matteo_Dini How long did you have to wait for the release after upload? :v:

@matze_styles4you It depends, there is no specific time …2,3,4 days… Let’s say within 7 working days.

Oh ok. That’s nice thx. :v:

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Same problem - watch face is published on Play Market but GW4 isn’t compatible with this version.
If to open Device List on Play Console Galaxy Watch 4 is still awaiting verification.

This is weird and confusing…

Hello? How did you solve this problem?

Hi Matteo,
I imagine it has to do with the default language setting. It sounds like Play Store adjusted their review. I’ll watch this to see if it is fixed.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,

I think it’s a bug or something like that.

If you open the link from the WEB browser, the app is compatible.
If you open the link from the smartphone APP, the app is sometimes not compatible … Other times yes … Random … With any language.

Several users are reporting this issue.


I am looking at this issue as an issue that arises because of the recruitment of the watch device.
Although it is normally registered, I think that this issue is caused by a problem that it takes time to recognize this device properties in the Play Store app.
The current solution seems to wait.