Watch Face is not Compatible with Watch?

I’m getting too many reviews that complain about “Watch face is not compatible with the watch”

As an example

Do have the same issue?
Please suggestion.

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No, no complains here… yet hahaha

Well, as he said “I haven’t been able to put this face back on” I presume that it was working before… Probably your face stopped working after wear os 4…

Try two things:

  • check if it works on an emulator with wear os 4 (or on a real device, even better);
  • if you are using the last version of WFS, do a backup of the file, and try to rebuild it on the last version, and test again.

1 - The complains are for just one face or more than one?
2 - Is there any crash log? (I dont know if faces show on play console)
3 - What the user means by “not compatible”? Is not showing on the watch store? Is not showing on the phone store? Is a message that the watch shows? Did the user try to install it from the web store?
4 - What OS version?


One idea come to mind

You may have made this watch with a version of WFS prior to 1.3.13 which supports API 28+ and does not support API 33 (Wear 4).

Ask the user to go to and in his profile check devices and libraries and see if there is an older device listed. I traded in my GW4 for the GW5 Pro but the GW4 is still listed under my devices and would be incompatible.

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@r.liechty_SDR thank you so much. I made this design with 1.5.7. They are writing it occurred after the last update. I guess similar to Bug on galaxy watch 5 pro After Last update - #9 by kevinbuckley70

@dect “Probably your face stopped working after wear os 4…” yes exactly.

I attached users screenshot they emailed.

Hi, @kevinbuckley70 post was not a bug…he solved it in another post. He inputed wrong values when pairing.

Anyways for your issue i notice the watch you showed here , on google play cannot be installed on my watch only on phone…as in google play options not available to install on watch

But another watch for example per020 has the option to install to my watch…

Wonder this reply any help in troubleshooting

BTW I checked the device catalog. All of the Wear OS devices are included. This design was on top paid list the first week I submitted it. Suddenly they removed my design from the watch face category. I really do not understand what is going on :S

Probably to many complaints of not compatibility

So play store removed the option?

Do you have a wear os watch to test out when u design your watch faces? Probably u try pushing those watch face to your watch? If it can be used then maybe its something with google play?

What is notable is that previously I didn’t enter the port parameters at all, just the IP address and it paired successfully.

Now, it wouldn’t pair without the port information and, as pointed out, initially I misunderstood what was required.

No active device, no version code, no app bundle.

The person or you are trying to install the mobile app on the watch you can’t do that.

The Per023 Platinum is not available for Wear 4 you need to change something in the Play Console if you uploaded it.

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I redesigned this watch face with WFS 1.3.13. after updating this problem was solved.

It is very hard to understand the Play Store replies they are very vague. It could be they are testing on older API 28 devices or it could be that the memory use is too large.

The WFS team is working with Play Store on this.

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