Google Play Store intellectual property policy is questionable

I’ve tried publishing a LEGO style watch face. Of course it got rejected because I don’t have the rights to use Lego TM.

How do people get away with and make money of direct copies of watch faces of Rolex, Tag Heuer, etc.?

One of the mysteries of life. There are several threads on this.


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Maybe, just maybe, but is it possible that the Rolex watch faces are made by Google staff who test the watch faces?

I wish… Most of these have 100+ or even close to 1000 installs, making $$$. They cost about $1.
If it were tests, they were free (even then it’s still infringement).

Google will not move until these big companies take legal action against it.
This was the case with Twitch or Youtube when it came to violating music rights, etc.

Many feel save now. But beware, IF Google starts taking action, I think you can bury your Google account.

Samsung probably shut down Watch Faces precisely because of the IP Infringement lawsuits. Years of work lost. And here the story seems to repeat itself.

I believe Samsung does not really care >> screenshot from Galaxy Wearable app

Samsung does care and has taken lengthy steps to prevent IP Infringement. However the Wearable app just mirrors the Galaxy Store (for Tizen) and Play Store (for Wear OS)

If the wearable app was forced to review the watch faces they would only have Samsung created watch faces that had been approved.

Samsung Developer Relations