Progress bar for KCAL

Hi, I have seen many designers/developers using KCAL bar on their watchfaces so I was wondering if anyone knows how to add that do let me know as well. here is the formula for getting KCAL value but i don’t know how I convert this formula to make a progress bar out of it. (([SC]*0.048)%1>0.5?([SC]*0.048)+1-([SC]*0.048)%1:([SC]*0.048)-([SC]*0.048)%1) kcal

Hello, I am not sure where did you get that formula, but to make working progress bar, you have to compare it to some goal. So you would put formula/goal in the progress bar fill ratio field.
This is a bit funny, as it only counts calories burned by walking, converting the value from steps count, the goals may not meet at same time if not properly set and also both will be permanent.

Ok imagine goal is 10000 steps so how would you now convert that to make KCAL progress bar work ? where should i put those values and how i make it work ? do you have any pictorial representation ?

@Peter I have did that on default provided progress bar via accessing it’s Range Value settings but I was wondering how i do it with my own custom image ? as on custom Image there is no Range Settings are provided. If you know how you can do it on custom image as well then do let me know :slight_smile:

For goal of 10000 steps the original formula will count 480kcal.
I just wanted to say, if you accept the calories count was derived only from step count, then the goals may be the same and fulfilled at same time, so the progress bar for steps would be the same as for the calories. It would fill with expression like [SC]/ [SC_GOAL].

Ok, but can you tell me how I create custom image progress bar for KCAL ? as for steps they give option to put your images one by one and defined on which value which image should be shown, but for KCAL there is no such option so how I create KCAL custom image progress bar ?

Once again, if you accepted the kcal count is derived from step count, why do you expect the progress bar for kcal to show different progress than the step count bar? They will show exact same progress, so what images you planned for the kcal bar, simply insert into duplicate of the step bar.
I will dive deeper into it once I get home to my PC.

Ohh yes, I didn’t thought that way! Thank you so much for the help :smiley: