Project Layer Usage

QUICK QUESTION: Are the unused layers (ie: those not viewable/disabled in BOTH normal or AO state) uploaded to the watch during RUN ON DEVICE?

Over the course of a build, I often create a bunch of layers (to make it easier to visualize different options) that I turn off/on various on-watch testing and want my uploads to be as efficient/small as possible.

Thanks, all!

I would try to rename the built file to .zip and look what is inside, but cant check myself whether its possible, as the keystore wont let me build.

I would not worry, those layers should not be there to waste space.
I managed to build .aab and .apk files from a simple watch face, renamed them to .zip and looked inside.

I could not find there my big images which I left in unused layers in the .wfs. Other resources that I inserted and actually used in form of fonts and images took together about 300kB in about 10 files.

In the package there were about 700 other files taking together about 7MB (unpacked). Among them 5 unused font files. The biggest were the android program files classes.dex (3.6MB) and resources.pb (1.8MB)

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Thank you SO much! I appreciate your hard work on this!