Push API alert not working

The status of the registration of the push service is “REGISTERED”, but then I try to post an alert from the postman to the Tizen push server, nothing shows on my watch.

This is what I have put in my message. The badge increases by 1, but an alert message is not showing.

Any help will be appreciated.

You are telling about Postman …

Have you tried using Tizen API (e.g. Tizen Web API) to retrieve or check the status?

For example,

function errorCallback(response) {
    console.log('The following error occurred: ' + response.name);

function notificationCallback(message) {
    console.log('New push message: ' + message.alertMessage + ', date: ' + message.date + ', data: ' + message.appData);

/* Since Tizen 3.0, you must provide PushRegistrationStateChangeCallback */
/* Define the state change callback */

function stateChangeCallback(state) {
    console.log('The state is changed to: ' + state);

tizen.push.connect(stateChangeCallback, notificationCallback, errorCallback);

Sorry, my explanation was not clear.
I have already implemented the code that you have written.
In order to check whether it works or not, I used Postman as a server.

In Postman, I put the following code in Body
“regID”: “myRegID”,
“requestID”: “myRequestID”,
“message”: “badgeOption=INCREASE&badgeNumber=1&action=DISABLE&alertMessage=Hi”

However, only the number of badges increased without any notification.

Do you know what am I missing?