Pushover Notification different on custom watch face

On my watch 4 classic, using default watch face, notifications from Pushover contain images as expected. But when I load a watch face I created, there are no images attached to the same pushover alerts ( though they still show on the phone). Is there a setting or something that I messed in the face creation that prevents the Pushover notification from showing the image (not rich notification? ) I don’t think I saw anything that controlled notifications in the face build… WFS 1.6.9.

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The default watch faces are created using Android Studio and it may use Samsung’s internal features, so the output can be different.
It would be great if you shared two images to check the different outputs. If there is any option possible to match them the forum users may help you.

I’m no longer certain that the face is the culprit… I seem to get the different alert on both faces now. I can’t seem to zero in on what the difference is. Frustrating!