Quality of the review testers & Re-Register without new binaries

I’m a little bit angry: I received the second brainless rejection (after a few positive reviews/versions). Suddenly the testers thought again, they could set the date of birth (in a date picker with a big title “Date of birth”) to a future date. Sorry, it doesn’t take any brain bandwidth to see this doesn’t make sense.

Ok, no one is perfect. But: Why we can’t complain about such errors. Every time i have to create new binaries (a new version with no changed code), to re-register the application, and hope the next review tester has a brain.

Has anyone had the same experience?

I am open to criticism, but not to stupid mistakes

Hi. You can use Review Tab to enter comments to the Review Team so they so they will better understand how your application works, if you haven’t tried it already. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. Yes, I’ve done that before, but it’s the second rejection with the same complaint that isn’t a bug. Do they write down such explainings? I do not think so :thinking:

I think that if you just mention that the date cannot be set to a date in the future and also include this statement somewhere in the description of the application, the application will pass the test.

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Hmm, maybe it could be a good idea to add the manual as a PDF. Thank you for your mention. A good hint

Very common problem, with themes too. All we can do is resubmit and hope to get a better tester. It is hit or miss :frowning: ( My funniest was when I had a theme rejected because it had chrome elements, and they said I could not use the word “chrome” in the title because it was owned by Google LOL).

IMHO i think they are not familiar with the English language…

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