Question on Samsung Blockchain Wallet App ERC-20 token support

Can anyone tell me if:

  1. The wallet automatically supports all ERC-20 tokens?
  2. It supports all ERC-20 tokens but users have to manually add some tokens (if so does anyone have a link to instructions on this)?
  3. Projects have to apply for Samsung to add support for each new ERC-20 token?

If it’s supporting all ERC-20 out of the box, does anyone know where they get token logo and/or pricing data and if it’s possible to add that?


Hi @acc_42,

Samsung Developer forum is mostly for Samsung SDK developer queries.
Since your query is about the Samsung Blockchain Wallet consumer App, I think you might be able to find your answer more easily by posting your query on the Samsung Members forum.

Good luck!

I got most of the answers by testing myself but I still don’t know where the Samsung Blockchain Wallet app gets pricing and logos and whether or not a logo can be added.

Who exactly do I have to contact at Samsung. This is not a question for Samsung phone owners, it’s a question for whoever develops the Samsung Blockchain Wallet app.

Hi @acc_42,

You can try contacting Samsung Developer Support from here. They might be able to help you.

I contacted them but received no reply of any substance.

Hi, @acc_42

Please refer to below for your inquiries.

  1. Yes. we’ve been supporting all erc-20 tokens.
  2. If there’s a token you want to use, you must add it manually through the ‘Custom’ button.
  3. You mean that you want to add your DApp project and ERC-20 on Samsung Blockchain Wallet?