How do I add an icon for a newer ERC-20 token to the Samsung Blockchain Wallet app?

Newer ERC-20 tokens show up with a ? icon rather than their own icon. How do you add the add icon? Is there a github repository the Samsung Blockchain Wallet app pulls from?

Also where does the pricing data for ERC-20 tokens come from?


Normally if you upload a token in the Ethereum network, the information about the token will be available to all. As it is a public network everyone can get information about your token.

But I guess it’s proprietary information, from where the Samsung Blockchain Wallet app pulls the icon and how they get the pricing data.

The question is where do they get the data?

There must be a mechanism to add newer tokens because they display logos/icons and prices for hundreds if not thousands of tokens, some of which did not exist when the Samsung Blockchain Wallet app was first released.

Who at Samsung knows and how do I contact them?

Hi, @acc_42
Firtly, really sorry for late.

A ERC-20 tokens are being added and changed by internally policies.
It’s a little bit hard to be opened our rules.

However, if you want to add some tokens on your wallet, you can add it through the option (‘Custom’ button).