Reactivation Lock is ON

I got my wife a Refurbished Galaxy Active 2 because her Active has got sick . The Touch screen does not work properly and the watch is very erratic .

However " NEW " Watch comes up with Reactivation Lock is ON . It seems the only way to unlock it is to Use the Login of the owner who Locked it .

We would love to not send it back . Has any one solved this problem . My guess is NO as Samsung’s Security is Very Strong .

Try 1,2,3,4,5

I think that is the default factory code. If that doesn’t work I am not sure what to. Good luck the Active 2 was the best smart watch I ever used.



Cool. I will struggle to find where to put that in . I have done the trick with the buttons and tried the Factory command. but it always takes me back to the same screen .