Watch Face Restore Not Successful

Good day all,
I am hoping someone with a bit more experience than me can assist. I have designed a few watch faces in the past just for my personal use and uploaded to my watch, and these all work fine.
On my phone I have the Wear app set to automatically back up watch face, apps etc. which is done daily.
However, I recently upgrade to a new Galaxy s22+ and had to reinstall the wear app. After it was installed, I restored my watch data from a backup. All was restores successfully except for the watch faces that I designed, they were all missing, nothing that I had designed was restored. I can’t work out why? They were definitely backed up as I
Is there something in the transfer process from PC to watch that need s to be done, did I miss a step or something. Any suggestions?

When you pair to a new device it factory resets the watch. I think since your watch faces were sideloaded they were not restored you could try turning on Developer Options but that is a long shot.

I think you will need to reinstall them. You’ll need a new Distributor Certificate but can use the same Author Certificate.

Samsung Developer Relations

HI Ron, Thanks for your input, seems like a reasonable cause. Bit annoying when you design personal use only watch faces and have to reinstall when there are updates.