Retrieve GWD file

Hello Everyone,

After facing a problem with my computer, i needed to replace the hard drive as it has crashed. While i am keeping all my work in an external HD too, unfortunately, i didn’t manage to copy the latest watch face i have submitted to the store. 2 questions please:

  1. Why me, as an owner of the watch face, i need to pay to download it from the store? Isn’t it “linked” to my account?

  2. Is there any way i could retrieve the content of the watch face? So i can update it in the future?

Although the above seems strange, we are speaking about content that i have created and is submitted via my Samsung account.

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#1 - You should probably read the Terms of Service (TOS) to understand “ownership” of your faces once submitted to the store :slight_smile:

#2 Their is no other way to get your face back, sorry for the bad news. You will need to build it again, and mirror your hard drive :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I was expecting bad news to be honest. However, on the first question i read on the TOS the following:

8.1 License to Samsung.

You do not transfer ownership of the Application to Samsung by submitting it, but you do grant to Samsung:
(a) the worldwide right to host, use, distribute, edit and license the Application for evaluation and certification (by Samsung or Samsung’s designated certification vendors);
(b) the worldwide right to modify or edit the Application for security purposes including, without limitation, the right to apply or upgrade security patches or related software to the Application
© the right in the Agency countries listed in section 19.10, directly or indirectly through Samsung’s authorized distribution partners, to host, market, promote, and distribute the Application to buyers as your agent; and
(d) the right in the Commissionaire countries listed in section 19.10 to grant licences of Application to buyers.
(e) the worldwide right to evaluate, make comments and provide information about the Application (collectively “Editor’s Comments”), and to host, use, distribute and edit Editor’s comments for STORE marketing purpose. You may request for corrections to Samsung via the customer support menu in the Seller Portal if there is an error or if you have a different opinion. Samsung owns property rights to Editor’s Comments in accordance with section 11.

I had a kind of a feeling that with the first sentence there might have been a way!

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Yep, and I think it would be a pretty easy change to allow us to download the APK and TPK files once loaded to the store, at least we could grab the assets from the files.