What’s the story with refunds?

Just had an email from a user who wants a refund because he probably didn’t understand the app description (or whatever) and says that he has contacted Samsung who have directed him to me, but what am I supposed to do as I don’t even have access to any individual sales records?

I am not sure what exactly he was told by Samsung, but he surely got the impression that he could get a refund by contacting me. Am I missing something?

Good question… I always just ignore those requests cause I don’t know of any way to refund them the Samsung commission? It may be that if they customer provides Samsung an email from the Seller saying a refund is due they may do it?

I have an enquiry into the Galaxy Store on refunds.

Samsung Developer Program Team

My most recent request was from someone who said their phone locked up and purchased the theme (soccer ball) without them knowing. They told me they hated soccer and hated the theme, so why would they buy it! Demanded a refund and left a one star review. At this point, that theme is theirs LOL :slight_smile:

So hard for some people to be honest! If they were honest and respectful, I’d help.