WatchFaceStudio Free app trial in the play store

Good afternoon. Could Watch Face Studio Include Apps With Some Term Free Trial Period? This would be very useful when selling.

No, you can’t do that.

Galaxy Watch Studio could do that because the GWS Development team, Wearable App team and Galaxy Store ops team all could work together. I don’t know if they can ever do it but I can ask.

Samsung Developer Relations

I believe Play Store has a “refund” option for any purchased app within 10 minutes from buying it.
This allows users to download and test out anything they buy, and they can easily request a refund if they don’t like it, which basically acts as a “free trial” in a way.

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Not everyone has a credit card to download applications. That would be a good motivation to attract and buy the app they like.

And then there are applications that do not return money when uninstalled. Usually those applications that need a paired phone with an additional application for clock management.

It’s very uncomfortable and I think these apps undermine people’s trust in the play store. I don’t want to buy anything myself. Because I don’t know which applications will return the money. If you don’t like it.

It has a big mess in the play store that needs to be sorted out.

There is not even a motivation to put anything there. Because all this time there has been only one purchase out of 30 applications. And 7 downloads free application. Than beautiful.