Registration Failed: Overlapping text

Hi !

When I make my design with a imported font I have to move text so they overlap. See picture.

When I test it on my S3 Frontier the text will be displayed correctly (not overlapping on my watch, only in designer)

But then, registration failed on "Bezelless-Premium Galaxy (fHD WQHD) for text overlapping.
The text is exactly like in Designer. (Like It should be).

Does any of you has ever encountered this kind of behavior?

I am missing something here ?


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I finally solved my problem by using custom bitmap font.

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i have wanted to use bitmap fonts but i just can not find the size to have my images saved as since they can not be resized within gwd. recommendations?

THe Best way is to create them in a graphics editor like Adobe photoshop, Illustrator, both of which are paid with subscription or you can try Gimp or (these are free) and are good enough for what you want to do.

I subscribe to Adobe cc and get all the apps. just having the trouble predetermining the font size

Here is what I do , I just create a 0 and then update that in the bitmap fonts, if you get that right the other numerals will follow. Unless you are doing alphabets.

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