Remote debug bridge

Remote Test Lab Web Client
I can’t find Remote debug bridge in web client Device can anyone please tell how I can connect samsung web client device with Android studio ???

See the user manual basically you just connect to it as if it was a real device for debugging

You have to have a Chrome Browser.

Samsung Developer Relations

Could you please tell how we can open the “Remote Debug Bridge”
on web client as when I right click on the mobile screen the context menu doesn’t open and I am unable to find remote debug bridge there

Could you please tell the steps to open remote debug bridge on web client devices ???

All I know is in the manual, it works just the same as when you use Android Studio

4.4 Remote Debug Bridge

This feature allows your computer to recognize the remote device as if it’s an actual device which is connected to your computer.

This provides a command including local port number, and the remote device will be recognized on your computer after the command is executed on terminal successfully.

The Logs

Figure 16 Remote Debug Bridge

It works the same as an actual device on development tools such as Android Studio.


Make sure to allow it on screen of the remote device

You’re dev rel and yet you have no idea that those instructions are for the JNLP client, not the web client?

And there isn’t a way to launch the JNLP client for Samsung phones now, Remote Test Lab only opens the web client which doesn’t have the debug bridge feature.

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Correct developer relations not developer support. I was just reading the documentation and trying to be of help. It said it should work, so I assumed it worked. Sorry about assuming.

You should Contact the RTL team At the bottom is a feedback item.

Hope this finally helps

Samsung Developer Relations